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who can tell me the valid period of ampicillin plate? - (Mar/12/2006 )

I poured my Amp plate several days ago and stored at 4'C, now want to use it for selecting my clones,but don't know whether it is valid or not.who can tell my the valid period of Amp plate?thanks in advance.


Amp plates at 100 ug/ml are good in our hands for at least two months when stored in plastic bags at 4C.


Amp holds up pretty good at 4C. I've also been in labs that use Carbanicillan in place of Amp for the same selection.

It has greater stability.


I'd say a few months at 4 C. Even if the amp degrades a bit, 100 ug/mL is really overkill for selection purposes.

Hope that helps,