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Anyone tranfected macrophage cells before? - (Mar/08/2006 )

Hello guys
I am going to tranfect macrophage j774 in a week, but i am new to mammalian cell transfection. i was told that transfection of macrophage is really difficult. Have any of you transfected them before? i am desperated for any answers!!!! tongue.gif


I've transfected siRNA into a human macrophage cell line successfully using oligofectamine. Am now trying it with JetPEI. And am also trying RAW 264.7s because the website here says that you can transfect these cell lines. Hope this helps.

-crumbled ham-

Thanks a lot!!!!!


I normally transfect RAWs with FuGENE6. The transfection isn't great (about 10-20%) but good enough for reporter assays.