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Why transfected neurons always die? - (Mar/05/2006 )


I used Lipofactamine to transfect primary culture neurons (80k density). 1ug Lipofactamine plus 0.5 ug DNA (miniprep products) for each well in a 24-well plate. I have tried to use recommended Opti-MEM or just Neural basal media during transfection and transfect when neurons were 9 or 14 days old. Neurons were OK one day after transfection. But they started to die 2 days later. I used the same protocols from anothor guy in the lab. I do not know why my culture neurons die so early. sad.gif. Thanks for the suggestions!



hi, Nick, i got the same problem as yours. I transfected my neurons at day 18 with just 1ug of plasmid which has luc gene, but they all died as well. But when i checked the neuros transfected with pEGFP, most of them were alive. i really have no idea why this happens. Did you find some reason for it? good luck man. huh.gif