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Will the addition of CO2 to cultures boost cyanobacterial growth rate? - (Mar/01/2006 )

I am growing anabaena flos-aquae at a agonizingly slow pace in liquid medium (BG 11). Does anyone know if would speed up the growth if I bubbled either, say 50% or 100% CO2 through the medium? I am guessing it is either going to really help, or it will turn the medium into acidic soda water and kill everything.
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I think that bubbled with 10% of CO2 would be the best idea! This percentage of CO2 will control the pH and the anabaena growth will be better... If you want I can send you some articles about it.

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Thanks for the reply JO, if it's not too much trouble, I would really appreciate any info you send my way. Either PM me or email at