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call for beta testers of Pub re-miner - helpful program for literature searches (Feb/12/2006 )

I hope I am not too off-topic with my post, but I am really interested in the opinions and criticism of people like yourselves for which Pub re-miner has been written.

Pub re-miner: a tool for PubMed query building and literature mining.

In the vast amounts if medical literature, finding information tailored to your
needs and interest is becoming more and more complex. Using the right keywords
is essential for effective searches, but which ones should you use?

Pub re-miner is a web-based tool that allows simple text-based query building
and information gathering(mining) of the NCBI literature search engine PubMed.
Pub re-miner presents its results, gathered from abstracts, in frequency tables
of journals, authors and words, which can be included/excluded in an iterative

Next to building efficient queries, Pub re-miner can also be helpful in other areas:
selecting a journal for your current work (by scanning the most often used journals of similar research)
Finding experts in a research area (by viewing the authors associated with your query)
Determine the research interest of an author (by viewing the keywords associated with an author)

I am especially interested in your opinions and criticism regarding the usefulness and user friendlyness of the program.

The Website can be accessed at :


As a practical example, I'll throw out a link to another one of your posts..