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Ballview - (Feb/10/2006 )

I use Ballview program, my problem is that it run very slow, is it due to my PC?


very likely... i only had a short glimpse at the program, but it was also quite slow, although my machine is quite fast. i guess it was not initially made for windows machines.


Like most of the heavy duty programs for molecular viewing ball view can be hard on the computer. One of the best ways to speed up the programs is to switch down the image quality when scanning about the structure. Change to stick view on the older computers as this is a real time saver.

I typically use pymol, which is much smaller, the difference between cartoons and sticks is huge and this machine is very powerful.


for me it's ok
Windows XP SP1 Celeron 1.6 448Mo
check options of your graphical card (activate AGP), change BALLView display preferences, and reduce the quality of models representation...