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Rice Gene Nomenclature - Need help here, please (Feb/09/2006 )

I have a problem concerning the annotation of rice genes. In BLAST searches I found several rice genes with names like BAD53732 or AAU44227. But in all rice databases I cannot find any information on these genes, because it seems this is no valuable name.
Does anybody know how to come from these names to the accession, for example like Os12g37530?
Maybe this is a stupid question, but I just started my PhD and did not work with plants before (especially not with rice!). dry.gif
I hope someone can tell me why there is no common gene identifier in rice and how I can get information on "my" genes.

Thank you very much!


I found the following by plugging BAD53732 into Entrez nucleotide-if this is what you wanted, then try doing that with the others you have...

LOCUS BAD53732 484 aa linear PLN 05-OCT-2004
DEFINITION putative SLC11A3 iron transporter [Oryza sativa (japonica
VERSION BAD53732.1 GI:53792721
DBSOURCE accession AP003713.3
SOURCE Oryza sativa (japonica cultivar-group)



Thank you, but I already have this information. But to get to know more about the gene in rice databases I need the correct gene identifier, which doesn´t seem to be BAD...
It should be something like Os05g64680.
And, as you see, in Entrez I don´t get this one.
I am really confused at the moment. Why is there no common gene identifier?

@beccaf22: Thank you for your help!