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DNA at -20C - (Feb/09/2006 )


l have a doubt is we can store our whole DNA in -20'c?

If it is possible is our DNA may break while we thaw it to RT?




I never had problem while freezing DNA at -20°C


We always store our DNA at -20°C. Even if samples were thawed and refrozen for several times, we never had any problems with that. Sometimes I even kept DNA at RT for some time and had no degradation.
If you want to be sure and want to use the same sample several times you could aliquot the sample, so you don´t have to thaw the whole prep.
At -20°C you can store DNA for years without any problem. If you are still afraid you might have degradation, you can thaw the sample slowly on ice.


during a time of ligation i usually keep a sample of DNA at 4°. And no problem for DNA preservation.


if you want to do long time storage of DNA make sure you add a little EDTA in you buffer, to catch any Mg2+ Ions



Thanks to ur guidence