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Tissue transfer - Tissue transfer (Feb/09/2006 )

Hello All

Please Help by giving a Ans for a Question....

l have to work with cancer samples ( DNA work ) how l transport cells/ tissues from one place to another with out damaging the DNA.

Which one is Suitable formaline/ SDS/ 50 mM NaOH/ others

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The DNA will be fine so long as you don't cause the cells to apoptose, to get the DNA I would harvest the cells and collect them as a cell pellet, then digest them using proteinase K etc.

See the protocols pages for complete protocols for DNA extraction. It is best not to preserve tissue in formalin if you want to extract the DNA (it can be done, but it is much easier if in alcohol) 50 mM NaCitrate works pretty well too.




Thanks to ur Guidence

l 'll try this.