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MODELLER - (Feb/08/2006 )

I have a problem to run Modeller with the promt comand, i write "mod8v1" but it doesn't work.

Thank you in advance


How do you expect people to help? huh.gif

Perhaps you should provide exact step describing how you set it up.
The config file etc.

It's like asking someone to debug your code with out letting them look at it! blink.gif


Please clarify your post so that forumers will understand your problem and properly answer to it if possible.


Sorry, I was not clear.

I downloaded the program, I installed from setup, then I opened the program from the start menu. When I am in the promt comand in window, I write as suggested in the manual, the program doesn't run.
The version is 8v1.


well, i downloaded modeller v8_1 and i apprears that there is no py file in the C:\Program Files\Modeller8v1 directory.
I don't know how this programs function at time. But appears as you need to run short commands in a py format (or file) and run this in the prompt command.
you'll find examples in C:\Program Files\Modeller8v1\examples\automodel
the model-default file is in the C:\Program Files\Modeller8v1\examples\automodel directory.


Thanks for you help Fred 33, If I understand well must I to write python script to use the Modeller to obtain modelling images?


Whoa hold on folks.

The first thing you should check is that python is in your path.
Take the script below and save it in the directory where you are trying to run modller.

#!/usr/bin/python #THIS WILL BE FINE EVEN ON DOS
name = "ryu.";
greet = "Hello ";
print greet + name;

save it as
in the dos prompt change to the directory you have this file.
type "python"

If this fails to work, it means that python is either not installed or is not in your path.

If this is not the case, could you please post the exact error message that the computer gives you.


DPK. blink.gif