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Can I use DMSO in linkage analysis PCR-reactions? - PCR-product really weak... (Jan/26/2006 )


Can I use DMSO in my linkage analysis (microsatellites) PCR? Or does it inhibit the fluorescent allele detection with the ABI PRISM 3100? I'm having trouble getting a proper PCR-product, there's very little of it or none at all :/ Thank you if anyone can help! Or if you have other PCR tips I'd love to hear them!



hi moonagirl:

I think it's ok!

I have used DMSO in pcr-reactions, and then it detected by Beckman genetic analysis

8800 after purification. It seemed everything was ok.

I don't think there is some great difference between ABI PRISM 3100 and Beckman 8800.

So just do it!