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mesuring bans intensities - (Jan/24/2006 )

dear all, i have to deternine a certains protein half-life, so I have to quantify the relative bands intensities on a film (after a western blot) and "normalize" them using b-actin to demonstrate the gel was equally loaded,
does anybody know wich computer program should I use? And, just in case, if there are any for free on the web?

all the best for you all


ImageJ from NCBI does the trick quite nicely, just Google it and you can download the program for free. Beware, I find it easier to invert the image first so you get higher values if your band is more intense, it makes it a little more logical...




do you want how ImageJ works?
click on the link to this topic:



You could also use the histogram function in GIMP (GIMP is also free, and a nice alternative to Photoshop).