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compound insoluble in water - (Jan/23/2006 )

Hi all
I want to add CNQX to medium (final concentration 25 uM). But this compound is insoluble in water. So I found out, that CNQX solubility is 25 mg/ml in DMSO. For my solution I need only circa 0,5 mg
CNQX. So should I use only 20 ul DMSO to dissolve CNQX (I mean proportion)? Anybody can help me? Another question is: Can I prepare solution of some tested compound in complete medium? or only in MEM without FBS? Is it possible added serum could bind my tested compound? Please give me some advice, thanks!



- of course you can prepare the stock solution of CNQX in DMSO, but the final concentration of DMSO should not exceed 10% (0.1% depending of the cells tested...) in the medium because of the toxicity of this anti-oxydant

- yes, proteins from serum (albumin) can interact with your compound, better if it's charged or hydrophobic. You can prepare a separate solution of your molecule at 2x concentration in medium w/o FBS, and mix to cells in medium containig 2x FBS, but finally the final FBS concentration will be the same... Try to incubate your cells with your compound in medium w/o FBS for 1 or more hours and then add medium containing 20% FBS. Also try in hybridoma media (serum-free), but cells could not respond exactely as in normal medium... In this case remember that antibiotics are more efficient so lower the dose!
I think that it's natural if your compound interacts so don't worry, your compound would be carried in the blood when tested in vivo!