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primer design tools - primer designing (May/08/2002 )

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can any one tell me how to design a primer
what are all the tools used to design a primer

i have down loaded related databases from nlm.nih site
and i want to design primer.

thank u in advance



you could download it from,if you know some chinese.


try the progam in


There are many tools available here: Primer Design Tools


If u know some Chinese, u can go to to download the Primer Premier. It is used by most of molecular researcher!


I came across an excellent Primer designing Software 'Primer Premier'. Its a product of Premier Biosoft international and its free demo is available on its Website :


What is the best online and free primer design tool?



I always use primer3. I even don't need to remember or bookmark its url, just google primer3 it always comes out at the top. Not used much other software. If some primer design programs can integrate genome database into primer selection and return matches besides primers that would be great.


Hi everyone

I design primers and if find nothing better than primer3 'cos of the numbers of factors you can modify.

Primer3 is a kind of reference for the primer design tools.

you can also find a lot of tools here


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