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PCR chemistry - (Jan/13/2006 )

hi there. i want to start reading up everything on PCR, from the theory to it, to the reagents and chemistry of how the reagents operate. can anyone help with where i can find good material ??


I realize this is laborious, I don't think there is a quick answer for you. there is so much out there, the volume is a little scary...what I would do is go to google and do a search for "pcr tutorial" and "pcr troubleshoot"

you get many things to pop up at once; I would click a few and go from there. it sounds like you have the basic concept down (I saw the other post of yours) and you are mostly looking for troubleshooting tips? if you need conceptual help, I would refer you to just about any molecular biology textbook.

some sites that I have always found to be helpful: promega, ambion, NEB (although they are best with cloning, they still have some good information about many other topics). ABI

good luck


my favorite:

a good list of PCR websites.


If you have 3rd edition Molecular Cloning (Maniatis)Sambrook you have ample information in chapetr8. volume 2.


"PCR" by McPherson & Moller.
It belongs to a collection that'called "from background to bench"
Nice book!!!

Sambrook also is very good!