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conversion of RLU - (Jan/10/2006 )


can any one please descirbe what can be the conversion factors between mg luciferase and RLU .


Hi amigo,

there is no such thing as conversion factors for RLU. RLU(relative light units) is just a arbitary unit which could mean luciferase activity in a sample relative to a control sample.


Q. What is an RLU?

A: RLU stands for "Relative Light Unit". This term is used because luminometers typically do not yield a measurement directly in units of photons. This is because some luminometers measure the current output by the photomultiplier tube, which cannot be translated into photons, while in the case of photon-counting instruments, the effective bandwidth of the counters used to accumulate the photon count is usually extended by dividing (pre-scaling) the signal from the photomultiplier tube by some constant (usually 10) using a high-speed counter. Additionally, a calibration factor is typically used to normalize the response of the instrument to a calibrated light standard.