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Drosophila cell culture - (Jan/09/2006 )

I have problem with my Drosophila cell culture. When I mix the Scheneider's medium with FBS, the medium will become cloudy but nothing can be found under the microscope. Do you have the similar phenomienon in your experiment? Any information helpful to solve the problem will be appreciated.


I used to work in a lab, where they handled Schneider cells. And as far as I remember I heard on several occasions that one shoul keep Schneider cells in serum-free medium.


I do work with Schneider medium and I never saw it getting cloudy after FBS addition. Are you using heat inactivated FBS? How do you store the FBS? We usually store it at -20 oC. I have no idea what might be hapening. But do not grow S2 cells without FBS. You will induce starvation and cell cycle arrest. Some might continue to grow but with abnormalaties.

I hope this is of any help. Can't say anything more, sorry

Good luck,



Hi raco,
Thank you for your help. I use heat inactivated FBS and stored it at -20oC. I tried the non-inactivated FBS and the same thing happened. I'm totally confused.