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DMSO - Question about DMSO and PBS (Jan/08/2006 )


I was searching for some answers about DMSO:

- Is DMSO poisonous for cell at high temperature?
- What other reagent can I use instead of DMSO (I think glycerol)?
- What is the function of PBS EDTA before I use trypsin?

I hope somebody can help me!

-Roy van Heesbeen-


Yes DMSO is poisonous for cells at room temperature, depending on the concentration.
I guess you want to use it for cell freezing. I am freezing all of my cells with DMSO (10%), and wash once my cells with fresh medium when I thaw them.
I know persons who do not wash but only dilute 10 times the cells when they put them in culture after thawing and they are fine.

glycerol is used sometime to freeze cells. I don't know if it works for all cells.

EDTA is used to remove Ca2+ which helps cells to adhere.

all the best


ok with waht laurence said but i would add sthg :
in medium, there is many compounds that blocks the action of trypsin. that's why you rinse usually cels twice with PBS in order to remove majority of them.
Trypsin is also in PBS/EDTA.