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Can adding cold medium (4 degree) synchronize cells? - (Jan/07/2006 )

I just want to know whether adding cold medium to my cell can synchronize the cells. Because I do metaphase on epithelium cells, sometimes it works well, sometime it doesn't. I have exclude many possibilities. somebody told me maybe there is something wrong with the cell cultures. I can remeber, every time when I change the medium, I always use cold medium just taken from the 4 degree. if to do this can cause synchronization of cells, I think this should be the reason.



I donĀ“t think you synchronize your cells by adding cold medium, you rather annoy them pretty much.
After you add cold medium you probably put them back into the incubator (??), shouldn't be enough time to synchronize cells.
You rather synchronize your cells by nocodazol or serum starvation....but cold medium? Never heard of. Would be indeed a very easy method if it works... .



I agrree with enthusiast
serum starvation sounds better than shocking them