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subculture of rice - confusion (Dec/30/2005 )

hello frens
am in a fuss like from which portion of rice seed the callus would grow , is it the cotyledon or the plumule has to grow for the callus to form .As my thoughts are concerned , it should be from the cotyledon but it is not happening that way .
In addition, if i insert the plumule growing region in the media , it's been difficult to see the growth even after 2 months, I have searched for the photographs of callus from rice seeds but couldn't get it so if anyone could clear me on this regard , i would be very grateful and as well as if anyone have the photographs of the rice seed callus then please forward it to me.

and secondly ,for subculture of callus, media is same but am in a fuss whether the sterilization steps should be done or not.
As per me i would say it would hamper the callus growth for the next phase.
So i would like to have suggestions on this regard.
Thanking you. please provide me the details on growth pattern of callus from seed.


Hi there,

There is no need to for any sterilization steps for callus transfer, as long as your aseptic techniques are good. So far I have not come across any protocol (not for rice) that need to anyway.

Its not easy growing rice. The plumule section is too small so the cotelydon will be better to handle.

Could it be that the sterilization step is too harsh for the seed? I'm not sure if the cotelydon is too hard and dry but you might want to soak them in water for 1-2 days before sterilization and starting ur culture. (I did that for soy beans)

What abt the type of media used?

I prefer soya beans in any way. LOL Guess you don't have a choice?.

I did plant cultures some years back so I'm not too sure if i helped u. Good luck!