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dog coat colors - possible phenotypes (Dec/26/2005 )

Ok i know this is a bit weird for this forum but this is where i came.i have breeding the same family of dogs for 20 years and for 20 years this family has been phenotypically and genotypically what i have evpected from my breedings..

Well here on the last breeding i had done something strange has happend.All my dogs for the last twenty years have had one thing in common they were all fawn/red red nose dog or chocolate/liver nose dogs with what they call irish spotting

(si - irish spotting. This is a definite pattern with white appearing on the muzzle, chest, legs, neck and tail. Modifying factors control the amount of white seen. Plus factors may extend the white up the legs or cause a large "collar" of white around the neck. Minus factors may restrict or cause no white collar around the neck but allow white boots upon the legs.)

Now of all the breedings i ever done and when bred together they have bred true to form, this is what has bothered me.

All the sudden i am getting pied bald dogs and extreme pied bald dogs.

( sp: piebald. This is where white covers 50% or more of the body. Plus and minus factors influence the amount of white seen.)
and also what they call

( sw - extreme piedbald. Usually this is an all white animal. Plus factors may cause the ears, eyes or head to be colored. This is not a common gene in Italian Greyhounds. Most whites with colored heads are more likely to be sp in origin with modifying factors creating mostly white.)

yes a all white dog with ticking visible after 20 years i thought i had this down pretty good.but now i'm at a loss and am wondering if something might have gotten to my dog with out me knowing it.

Now i know they are all of the same series which is called the (SPOTTING SERIES) but yet they are all different alleles of this locus, what are the chances after 20 years that this is just a random change taking place in my dogs or that something else may have happen like a stray dog or bred outside the family of dogs of my own?