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CHO Cell revival - (Dec/23/2005 )


I am having problems in reviving CHO cells. I thaw the cells and wash them once in CD-CHO medium (Invitrogen), and then plate them but the next day the cells are round and dead. I have tried different samples, but the problems exist. ANy help?



How do you thaw the cells? I always do that as quick as possible. I put them from N2 into 37°C waterbath for two minutes, add prewarmed media and resuspend them for washing, and then plate them out. Never had problems with cell survival...

Hope this helps!


How long do your cells thaw??? If you let them sit for a while this will harm your cells due to the DMSO in freezing media. Always process your cells as quickly as possible during thawing to prevent damage. (happened to me once, all my cells were dead the next day, won't happen to me again)