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Cells ignore my cover glass, growing around it on the plastic - What cower glass should be? (Dec/22/2005 )


I wanted to grow my Vero cells on the cover glasses, posed in the 6-well cell culture plate. It was standard cover glasses, i just sterilized them by autoclaving.

After i splitted the collagen solution on it, recovered it and let dry o/n.

After I added my trypsinized cells in the DMEM-FBS medium, and let them grow for o/n

On the morning I saw nicely sub-confluent cells on the plastic around the glasses, by no cells on the glass, aside a strange carpet of cells, floating in the medium.

What I did wrong? Please, help me.

Thank you.


It may depende on the cellular strain you want to culture.
Try to pre-treat the conver slip with laminin and poly-D-lysin.

I hope it can help you.