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cAMP assay question - (Dec/15/2005 )

When you want to measure cAMP levels from cell lysates, what is the difference between acetylated and non-acetylated cAMP?

Most kits have an optional acetylation step but do not explain why.

Just curious :-)



i was measuring cGMP for an experiment and had the same question. i came to the conclusion it depends on what sort of concentration u are expecting to measure. i think acetylating makes the assay more sensitive at low range. Think i got that from the difference in the standard curves in the accompanying info for the kit. the acetylated st curve was much lower conc than the non acetyl.

hope that helps



I am doing cAMP Assay now. The acetylated format allows you to measure very low concentration of cAMP in your sample. In my case, non-acetylated version can measure conc. from 200pmol/mL to 0.78pmol/ml; while the acetylated can do from 20pmol/ml to 0.078pmol/ml. The sensitivity with acetylation is approximately ten fold better than the non-acetylated assay.