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Non adhereing cells - cells that wont stick!! (Dec/07/2005 )

hi all...

i have juct de-frosted a whole lot of HeLa cells. They grew fint the first few times, but now for no apparent reason they are not sticking to the flasks!

I have mulled this over and over, and can only blame the tryipsin. Everything else i could think of - i have checked for. Any one have any other ideas?? They are growing, and look healthy, except they wont stick!!

Thanks for any ideas - many minds are probably better than one....


this is probably a long shot, but have you purchased a new type of flask?

also, I know that it shouldn't be necessary, but have you tried coating the flask?

perhaps your FBS is bad? that is what inactivates trypsin...


I agree with aimikins. Either you try to coat your plates, try a different brand, or check your serum in the medium. But somehow it is very strange that your HeLas won't adhere...


I know!!! it is wierd that helas dont adhere. I had changed flask brands, but have gone back to the old ones, but i will try coating them anyway.