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The best book on molecular biology for beginner - (Dec/01/2005 )

Which is the best book of molecular biology for a beginner???

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if you want a complete book, molecular biology of the cell is very good. Gene VI or VII is also very good. Molecular biology of the cell from lewis and coll is ok too.


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The Lodish "Molecular Cell Biology" is available online at NCBI. Certainly this is the most cost effective book, and is excellent even in absolute terms.


It's all about Molecular Biology of the Cell by Alberts et al! (Big Silver Book) smile.gif


The Big Silver Book is the best....


I love it! Was the first book I buyed in Molecualr Biology and I jsut love it, my little Bible it is:)!


"Molecular Cell Biology" is a very good book


The big books may not be good for beginners. Take a look at Essential Cell Biology (aka "little Alberts")