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Too much NaCL in my input - (Nov/23/2005 )

Ok, so I was going too fast and made a mistake: I added 20uL of 5M NaCl to my 20uL input samples instead of 1uL and let them heat for 3.5 hours before I realized what I had done!! D'oh! So the question is, what do you all think I have done to my inputs? Is there any way to save them?


You should be able to drop dialyze the salt out of your sample. Float a Millipore VWSP 0025 membrane shiny side up in a petri dish filled with 250 mM NaCl (this is the concentration that you were supposed to produce). Pipet your sample onto the membrane, cover with the petri dish cover, and let it sit there a few hours. Pipet the sample off the membrane and continue. You'll probably dilute it a bit more (it is already diluted 2x from where you want it to be). But this is probably ok.