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how to keep cells in stock and how tocount the cells ! - (Nov/14/2005 )

Tomorrow i will receieve the HeLa cells.

Do I need any thing to prepare in adavance ? I am hoping to start my transfection next week.

Is there any online tutorial or a good site available who can teach me how to count cells. I have the hemacytometer but have never used it.

How will it look under the idea sad.gif

any kind of help will be great .


the company that sold you the cells should have some information for you, as far as cell numbers to expect in the can get a decent estimate based on confluency % in a given well-size or flask-size; again the company should have some info for you

as far as doing your transfection next week, how are you receiving the cells? you may have to wait for them to reach a certain growth phase, or something like that