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vectors (PJG4-4, PJG4-6) - maps of PJG4-4, and PJG4-6 vectors (Nov/05/2005 )

Dear all,
I will be grateful if any one sends me the maps of the following 2 vectors:
PJG4-4, PJG4-6. Because I tried to search for their maps in the net but I couldn't find
Thanks in advance



You maybe asking for a bit much to google a vector and get a map. Try reading the papers returned by searching pubmed for pJG4 &| Gyuris.

?does this really fall into bioinformatics and biostatistics? you may be better off putting this on a molecular biology forum, someone may then fax or post you a vector map!

Happy hunting!




I don´t know which vectors are those
but I can tell you what I ussually do.

I usually can get the sequence of the plasmids I currently use from PubMed.
Look up for nucleotide sequence type the name of the vector and search.
The good thing with having the sequence from PubMed is that you can dowload and import it to a program as vector NTI (you probably know it), and in your database you don´t get only the nucleotide sequence but also all the caracteristics of the vector, where you can easily see where is the promoter region, where is the MCS, antibiotic resistance gene, reporter gene, etc.

If you can not find it in PubMed, you just need to know the company that provided the plasmid (Promega, Stratagene, whatever...) and go to their online catalog as search for vector sequence.
You will find it for sure!!!