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how would you change suspension medium in wells - (Oct/31/2005 )

I am working with suspension cells now, never done it before. I wondered that how to change the medium after you set up experiment in the wells. are you going to take out each well cells and bring them down, then put back again with fresh medium? This will take lots time and seems not smart. what would you do? any smart ideas?



of course it depends on how long you want to culture them, I did transient transfections of jurkat in 96-well plates. The way it worked out, I plated in 100ul and transfected then I could add another 100ul of fresh CM the next day. At this point of course the well was full, but I was harvesting anyway...

The cells do settle to the bottom so there may be some way to take media off the top and re-feed, or use one of those centrifuge rotors that will hold your plate to spin the cells down... Cant say what is best b/c I don't know the experiment you're doing...