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Buying Pure Antibacterials/Antibiotics - Where Can I Buy Absolute Antibacterials/Antibiotics? (Oct/30/2005 )

I'm a freshman at highschool and I'm about to start my science fair project, which is: How do different antibacterials and antibiotics affect bacteria (probably E. coli), and why. For this project, however, I need absolute antibacterials and antibiotics such as Triclosan, Triclocarban, peroxides, chlorine, amoxocillin, and others. I also need advice of which antibacterials and antibiotics to use, which would be best for my experiment, but especially, where to buy/get absolute(100% pure) antibacterials and antibiotics.
Thanks for your advice-


there are various suppliers out there, one i can recommend is sigma-aldrich.

but, you may also ask at a local pharmacy or hosptal or MD, if you could get some antibiotics for your science fair. what's approved for human use is usually quite clean. you just have to look at the details, which should read like "1 pill contains 2mg xy antibiotic, rest is some sugar (fructose, succrose or something...)" so if you put one of these pills in 1ml sterile destilled water and let it dissolve completely, you would have a 2mg/ml solution of your ab.....

or else you may write to a local college, if they could help you out with some mg of antibiotics. institutes for (medical) micobiology and/or hygiene should have a sufficient supply of usual ab's.



another possible resource is your local public health lab

i used to work in public health and we helped out with science fair projects all the time


Thanks.... but I can't find where to buy 70% ethanol at that site, only 99.5% and 95,etc. Or can I make it on my own by diluting?


yeah, dilute it yourself; the easiest for sure. beware of shipping charges on ethanol blink.gif


If you want ethanol and you don't need absoute purity, Lysol is 79% ethanol. You have to get the original spray stuff, not all the other kitchen cleaners they make now. Check the label.



I've been doing science fair for 5 years on botany. My dad is throwing a fit and wants me to do something different. only problem is that all labs in my city are closed to students. Could you help me find a science fair experiment that's basic and doesn't require a lab?

Thanks a bunch