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why we use BVS in DNA digestion? - (Oct/23/2005 )

how we can exceplane the use of the Bovian Serum Albumin in DNA digestion?
and if we want to do electrophorasis which best TBE or TAE and why?


Well, I never use BSA in my restriction digestions, and I don't use TAE or TBE as an electrophoresis buffer anymore, but I'll try and help. biggrin.gif

Regarding BSA, according to New England Biolabs:

Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) is supplied with some restriction enzymes to prevent adhesion of the enzyme to reaction tubes and pipette surfaces. BSA also stabilizes some proteins during incubation.
There's more info about BSA use on the page I've linked to.

On electrophoresis buffers, TBE has a greater buffering capacity, and can be used with higher voltage without causing the gel to melt. Additionally, TBE is better than TAE at separating lower molecular weight DNA, while TAE separates larger molecules (>4kb) better than TBE.


Homebrew, Maybe I've seen this on other posts, but what buffer are you using and why?


interesting informations on different electrophoresis buffers at registration to biotechnique may be required)