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Is salmon a forest creature? - (Oct/20/2005 )

hey, based on the ecological concepts, do you guys agree that salmon is a forest creature?


I would say it is more of an ocean creature.


I had it for dinner last night and it was TASTY!

BTW, If I saw one in a forest, I would be very surprised.


I don't many hairs are we splitting?

Salmon migrate up through rivers which run through forests

Some salmon are landlocked their entire lives in lakes; again, sometimes in forests

All depends on your definition of 'forest creature'

I think they are both tasty and fun to catch wacko.gif

and they make the best sushi...mmmmmm....sushi


they are fairly aquatic as far as I know. Never seen one in the woods, or up a tree

-John Buckels-


Salmon fishes are live marine, and few of their sub family live in fresh water. During their mating period the marine salmon migrate 10^3 of Km in sea and reach where they born and breed in rivers and die.

Birds come their and hunt salmon and take away to their nest, so u may have a chance to hear news " salmon in wood trees "