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Cell Membrane Permeability - (Oct/18/2005 )

Hello, i'm not exactly a whiz at biology, but i need some help. For biology class, we had to deduct tests testing the effect of temperature on cell membrane permeability in a beet cell. This was to be done putting pieces of beets in water at different temperatures(procedure is more specific, but that's generally what we do). The problem is, i did this, and got absolutely no results. It seemed to me that there was absolutely no pigment leakage at any temperature. My hypothesis was that as the temperature was raised, there would be more and more pigment leakage, but due to no results i can't confirm this. Could anyone tell me or guide me in the direction of what should have occured?
Help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


try putting your cells in a more physiologic solution wink.gif