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culture media left out for too long? - (Oct/14/2005 )

I accidentally left some DMEM with 10% FBS at room temperature for 48 hours, is it still okay to use?


how's the color?

what's the pH?

you may have some degradation of some important components; what does the manufacturer say?


I don't do cell culture work, and I know dogma says such media must remain cold and protected from light, but manufacturers ship it in clear plastic bottles at room temp...

That's before any sera is added, though...


this is ok for routine cell culture.
But in case of tough experiments, i would use fresh medium.


[throw it out !!!


I agree with Fred, I'd use it routinely, but not for sensitive experiments...


in my lab DMEM with FCS was left in waterbath overnight and still was ok...


If you think about it you only feed some cell lines twice or sometimes once a week. This means that your media has spent say 4 days at 37C and the cells are fine. I wouldn't make a habit out of it but the media will be fine.