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ChIp using Drossophila imaginal discs - (Oct/14/2005 )

Hello friends,

I am traing to do ChIp from Drosophila imaginal discs. I am using a Bioruptor from Diagenode in Epp tubes. I have problems getting the chromatin right size (500bp). From cell lysate (no crosslink) a got the rigt shearing of DNA. But when I do the crosslink, dialysis ON, reverse crosslink and DNA precipitation I am getting much bigger fragments. I am at the bigining but if someone has a suggestion I can use, please help.
Thank you very much.



I am very glad I found this forum. It helped me a lot. I figure it out with chromatin siye after sonication form D.m. larvae imaginal discs. Thanks to the tips I found here.
Thank you a lot.
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