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DNA extraction basic question 2 - (Oct/09/2005 )

Hello all,

i've posted a basic question on DNA extraction yesterday, and now I post a second one:

i'm doing a DNA extraction on thymus veal cells. After a first nucleic centrifugation, and a protein precipitation centrifugation (LiCl 10M and SDS 20%, then isoamylic alcohol 24/l), i've precipitatedt he DNA with 1/10 volume of potassium acetate (2M) and 2 volumes of 100% ethanol and an agitation of a glass rod until the mix is clear again.

Theoratically, have i collected ALL the DNA form th mix? Why?
Thank u



No one can collect 100% of DNA from the cells.

The resons are after spin the sol^ U discard the spt. on tht time u may lose some
While pipetting
Due to chemicals that u use may disturb a little part of DNA.