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Cell Culture and Pipette Tips - (Aug/27/2009 )

Hi all,
can anyone of you tell me if I have to use filter pipette tips or simply sterile pipette tips (without filter) for cell culture?

Thank you for your kindness.


Either should be fine so long as they are sterile. It is best to keep a set of pipettes for cell culture only.


Thank you bob1!
I think I'll use sterile pipette tips without filter because they are less expensive (as far as I know)...


keep a set of pipettes for the cell culture and normal tips will be fine for most of your applications.
I only use filter tips for precious but potentially mycoplasma-contaminated human cells, and also in the P2 room where we culture cells with intracellular bacteria and virus.

-little mouse-

To be on the safe side, I never touch my ongoing culture with any tip without filter; not eaven when taking cells for counting - who knows who has messed around with the pipette bevore. But once I seperated cells for my experiments from the main culture flask, I use the filterless tips (unless for very long term experiments)