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Which red fluorescence is better? - mCherry of dsRed (Aug/25/2009 )

Hi all,

I am not sure where my topic belongs so i think i just post it in the molecular biology section.

I am interested in transfecting my cells with a vector that has a red fluorescence, inserted after a transgene-IRES construct.

I am given a choice between mCherry and dsRed-Express. My purpose is just to observe red fluorescence that indicate transgene is expressed.

Which one is a better choice and what is the difference between them?



Hi there,

I personally would prefer mCherry. I have been transfecting primary cells with DsRed and mCherry and the cells with stable expression of DsRed alwasy looked more unhealthy that the ones with mCherry. The are both bright enough to detect the by microscopy. In cell lines it might not make a difference but as i said in primary cells mCherry was less toxic.



hi stardust,

thanks a lot for your suggestion...i'll try to get mCherry...