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Is possible to generate an anomalous electrical field? - I get diffuse bands, because of electrical field???? (Aug/24/2009 )


In my last western of a small protein (16Kd), I filled the tankís compartments with running buffer until the top of apparatus (the lower and upper buffer chambers, with the same level of liquid). When I revealed my gel, the bands appears diffuse and with a long black shadow.
I think that, because of there isnít discontinuity in the buffer system; this might cause an electrical anomalous field, and therefore an anomalous migration of the proteins.
It is true or I am hallucinating?

Any suggestion will be welcome.
Thanks a lot.


It is unlikely to be that you caused an anomalous field, unless there was current leakage between the two chambers. If that had happened, your gel wouldn't have run, or would have run a lot slower than usual.