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Have anyone ever to use miRNASelect™ pEGP-miR Cloning and Expression Vector (CEL - (Aug/23/2009 )

Hi, all
I plan to clone my predicted pre-miRNA. I will use miRNASelect™ pEGP-miR Cloning and Expression Vector.
Anyone have suggestion and commnet about these plasmid.

piggle :lol:


pEGP-miR and pEP-miR cloning and expression vectors were generally copying from Biosettia. In pEP-miR, everything including promoter, intron, restriction sites, and miRNA sequences are identical. Then they just changed the intron and replaced the RFP with GFP but kept the same cloning sites to make pEGP-miR vector and cloned mouse miRNAs. The Biosettia's miRNA expression vector is lenti based, you can package the lentivirus or use for transient transfection. It works very well on my hands. Please see and for more info

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