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Partek Genomics Suite - Does anyone have experience with Parteks Genomics Suite (Aug/22/2009 )

So I'm struggling to get to through the selection of specific genes. I'm not sure how to separate:

1. high-responding animals (this is a DNA vaccine monkey study with PBMC analyzed via gene array after specific stimulation with HIV gag, pol, or env to observe upreg. or downreg. of genes).

2. How to isolate and graph those genes that change the most between test groups.

The software is just not very user friendly and I was wondering if you had any tips. Thanks.

-Penn Tech

-a remnant hidden-

Frankly, call up their customer service and make them help you out.
They were demoing that software at my department and the demo guys were clueless on how to setup relationships (or they could not explain in a way that anybody in the room could figure out)
The department bought the software (extra money lying around) but nobody uses it.

Sorry, I wished I could be more helpful

(P.S. - Any chance you could use freewares like BRB Array Tools or SAM etc.)