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pCLBABE puro retriviral vector - (Aug/21/2009 )

Hi everybody

I am seeking some information about pCLBABE puro vector like its map and sequence, does anybody works with that vector? can I use this plasmid directly for transfection of mammalian cells and establishment of stable cell line?

have a nice day


There is a record for pBABE-puro in ( as well as MyoD-pCLBABE and E12-pCLBABE in which all have puromycin resistance. However, I could not find pCLBABE...

I don't know whether you would be able to make a stable line with just transfection of the plasmid but if you make the package the plasmid into viral particles, the transduction efficiency should be much higher (but there are safety issues when working with viruses, i think)...