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sandwich ELISA (monoclonal and polyclonal matching) - (Aug/13/2009 )

I'm sure this question has been asked and answered before but i cant find where.

how do you find a monoclonal and matching polyclonal to perform a sandwich ELISA?

I have looked up and a few monoclonals are tagged as being applicable
to sandwich ELISA but then i cant find a matching polyclonal that says the same thing.

if it says the monoclonal is good for sandwich ELISA's do you assume you can then
pick any polyclonal for that protein???
Or do i need to find a monoclonal and polyclonal that BOTH say they are applicable to
sandwich ELISA?? and if thats the case how can there be a monclonal applicable to
sandwich ELISA WITHOUT having a matching polyclonal??

I hope i have explained my problem okay


Call the supplier they should be able to indicate which abs of THEIR products will pair in a test. If you have sufficient resources you can pair abs from different companies you must look at the spec sheets to see the areas the abs are targeted towards. The ab target sites should be separate.

When abs are developed the ag is put on plates and clones or bleeds are screened against them The manufacturers then conduct tests screening ab pairs to see which ones may work together.

Don't overlook using the same Mab OR poly for BOTH capture and detection. Sometimes this combination also works. (the mab is not really mono).

Good luck