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ELISA plates - (Aug/12/2009 )


I am going to start doing ELISAs again and am trying to remember where I used to purchase the plates I used to use.

They are flexible and come in a dispenser type of box that would stand upright on the bench, maybe 50 to a box? Does anyone use these plates? Am just looking for the best price.

Thank you!
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I have used flexible microplates for an ELISA a few years ago without problem. The ones we used were from Falcon because we just happened to have some on hand (they were in the vertical box/dispenser). However, I don't think they are categorized as ELISA plates. If you search by using ELISA plates, it's harder to find them. I think they are just classified as microplates. I just looked and found one type from BD Falcon (Catalog 353912), but you should double check to see if this is what you are looking for since I don't have the actual catalog number for the ones we were using back then.


sorry to barge in here..but i just have to ask what is the difference between th flexible plates that u guys are talking about and other ELISA plates? is it treated like other ELISA plates i.e high binding properties or medium binding properties and such?

another thing is what is the advantage of using tis flexible plates?

TQ :angry: