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Media for squamous cells - (Aug/11/2009 )

Hi everyone,

I am new to cell culturing. My supervisor has asked me to find out the medium required to culture squamous cells. I am doing literature search. In the meanwhile I was hoping if I could get help from you guys. Any help will be appreciated.



Culture from tissue (primary culture) or as a cell line bought/gifted?

If as a cell line, use the medium it is supplied in. As a primary, you may have to try several media and different conditions, and maybe have to get specialist medium in.


More details on the cell line/origin would help.

antibiotic/antimycotic concentrations will have to be high if it is a primary culture.

If you have plenty of sample I would suggest trying a basic DMEM but this is purely bias on my own usages/experience.


I meant to ask for primary cultures...