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Best lentiviral vector - (Aug/11/2009 )

Dear all,
I`m about to buy a lentiviral vector to make some stabel clones of my goi.
I need a bicystronic vector with IRESGFP.
Which vector do you guys recomend to me?

I saw the system from clontech but they don`t sell the packaging vectors. They have a mix with 5 vectors which they sell but you can make just 20 or 40 reactions. Can I use the lentiviral vector with my own packaging vectors?

Thank you in advance,



Besides bicystronic with IRESGFP, I`d like my goi under the control of CMV.

Any suggestions?

Thank you


Applied Biological Materials specializes in lentiviral vectors. They have a ton of different options that you can select for your vector, and if you want, will even put your goi into the vector and then send it to you packaged. It is actually extremely reasonably priced and has received really good feedback!

Let me know what you decide


Here is the website: