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CpG Complementary Symmetry - (Aug/06/2009 )

Hello, I'm new to this forum and methylation work as well, thus advanced apology is this is too basic or has been covered in previous threads (I've searched the archives but haven't found what I'm looking for):

I'm wondering if a CpG site is methylated on one strand of dsDNA, whether one could expect the CpG site on the complementary strand to also be methylated?

I'm interested in knowing because I'm trying to think through some steps of a Pyrosequencing assay that I'll be running - it seems like a very basic question to ask but I haven't really been able to find anyone give a clear answer in the literature.

Thank you!


It is safe to say mammalian is symmectrical. Plants are not especially at centromeric DNA.

Good luck with the pyrosequencing!


THANK YOU Nick!!! Your response was a breath of fresh air - had been stuck on understanding this detail for too long and going a little crazy. Makes sense now :P