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multi well pippette tips-change or not - (Aug/06/2009 )

Hi All,
a small question but would like to get clarified,while using the multi well pippete for the wash steps in elisa,do i need to change the tips everytime,for eg in bethyl kit,they have recommended 5 times wash after each step,so do we need to change the pippette tips after each wash(96 wells x15-20 times totally for each elisa) or just use the same for all-samples and does everyone deal with it.


the lab I used to work in put the wash buffer into a squirty bottle (sorry can't think of a proper name for it.....) and then just filled the wells and flicked 5x (or however many washes are required)

I wouldn't have thought you would need to change your tips, but then I haven't done an ELISA for ages and am definitely no expert


We have two multi-channel pipettes so we use one for samples, antibodies, substrate etc. - of course changing tips every time and for different samples, antibodies etc. Second pipette is for washing and we use one set of tips for all washings (in single ELISA experiment).


I agree with K.B.

-little mouse-

Use the squirt bottle but make sure you fill all wells and dump and blot well between washings.

Another better and quicker option is to find a 8 or 12 well manifold and connect it to a bottle top dispensor you can then fill all wells evenly.