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Price of a real time PCR machine? - (Aug/04/2009 )

Our lab is in the east,
We are plan to buy a RT PCR,
AB or roche,

Normally how much we will cost for AB 7500 or roche 480?
Is there university discount?


Your best bet will be to talk to a representative of the company that makes/sells the items you are looking at. There are also sites such as Biocompare that may be useful for you.


For ABI 7500FAST system the standard quoted price is ~$46,000. Academia may have discount.


Yes getting quotes from different vendors is probably the best approach.

I have used the biorad instrument and the AB step one plus. I prefer the step one plus for it s ease of use and the software is also very user friendly. About the price I think the AB step one plus is around $40,000.

Hope this helps



We are using real-time PCR from Stratagene
It is relatively cheap and works fine
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